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Don’t talk to the Law

You have had a brilliant night out with your friends. A few drinks a lot of laughs, everyone in your group is happy and jolly and on your way to grab a taxi and set of home for a goon nights kip and work the next day. But thats all about to change. As you [...]

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Meaning and Justification of the American Caucuses

Caucuses have grown over the years to become an integral part of American politics since the time when they were first formed in the English colonies of North America. Over the years, the American caucuses have undergone great evolution and the kind of caucuses that are held today are a far cry from what the [...]

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Profile on Rick Santorum

Richard John Santorum was born in Winchester, Virginia in the year 1958. In 1990, Rick Santorum started his political career by running for political office. He was one of the candidates for the House of Representatives of United States from Pennsylvania. He wanted to get higher office. In 1994, he won election to the United [...]

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